Cooperation in Global Health

Health is an extremely important issue for both individuals and societies. Nonetheless, it does not always quite receive the political, economic, and financial support that it should. The impact of advocacy efforts improves with the cooperation and numerous actors, across both organizations and countries.

Who are the actors in global health?

  1. United Nations Agencies
  2. International Health Programs
  3. Multilateral Development Banks
  4. Bilateral Development Agencies
  5. Foundations
  6. WHO Related Partnerships
  7. Public-Private Partnerships for Health/Product Development Partnerships
  8. National Scientific Organizations
  9. Nongovernmental Organization
  10. Advocacy Organization
  11. Technical Organizations
  12. Consulting Firms
  13. University-Affiliated Programs
  14. Think Tanks
  15. Human Rights Organizations

There are numerous challenges to effective collaborative action in global health.

  • Communicable diseases create a difficult and interesting climate. The world has to be ready through collaborative efforts. Surveillance, prevention, and treatment of such diseases are critical in controlling emerging epidemics.
  • It was crucial there are global standards in some health fields. These standards must be broadly developed and widely accepted.
  • Financing, advocacy, knowledge generation, or technical assistance.
  • Filling gaps in knowledge, encouraging public and private sector organizations to develop the diagnostics, vaccines, and drugs needed to address the more important global health issues.

How can we make the work between collaborators more effective in improving health outcomes? An interesting perspective I stumbled upon was “global health collaborations: justice, not charity.” Keeping this in mind is helpful, remembering that we all play a role, are stakeholders, and benefactors in the effectiveness of collaborative global health work.

Global Health textbook by Richard Skolnik, World Health Organization


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